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  1. a group sometimes called “ The Movement,” whose poems began appearing in in the anthology New Lines. Poets belonging to this school wrote understated and disciplined verse that avoided experimentation and grandiose themes. In Amis was knighted, and his Memoirs were published in His son Martin Amis.
  2. 11 rows · A series of actions and events taking place over a period of time and working to foster a .
  3. Movement's 7 day loan process is revolutionizing the mortgage industry. So much so, that Inc. Magazine recognized Movement Mortgage as the fastest growing mortgage bank in the country.
  4. active movement movement produced by the person's own muscles. ameboid movement movement like that of an ameba, accomplished by protrusion of cytoplasm of the cell. associated movement movement of parts that act together, as the eyes.
  5. Jun 25,  · (The movement has also found to be active on Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, among other social sites.) One reason is that what qualifies as Boogaloo is unusually ambiguous.
  6. A sharp tap on the knee usually causes an involuntary movement of the lower leg. The movement of the ship caused the mast to sway from side to side. Satellite photographs provide us with a lot of information about their troop movements. Some people run their lives according to the movements .
  7. Mr. Gladstone may be regarded as the pioneer of the movement. There was a movement in her throat as though she swallowed something hard. Nevertheless, not one movement of young Ried escaped the notice of some of them. So vigorous was her movement .
  8. Movement, or motion, is the state of changing something's position—that is, changing where something is. A flying bird or a walking person are moving, because they change where they are from one place to oserarxabugaxymaputenredea.xyzinfo are many kinds of science and math related to movement.. For example, thanks to the work of scientists including Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein, we know that position and.
  9. Synonyms for movement in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for movement. 85 synonyms for movement: group, party, organization, grouping, front, camp, faction, campaign, drive.

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