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  1. Directed by Peter Prowse. With Sidney James, Saul Pelle, Cy Sacks, Simon Sabela. A young African boy is rescued from a witchdoctor's death curse. He travels to the big city where a blind white man .
  2. Tokoloshe Man: 2: Jubilee Cloud: 3: Gold: 4: Lift Me From The Ground: 5: Tomorrow I'll Go: 6: Can Someone Please Direct Me Back To Earth: 7: Try To Touch Just One: 8: Weekend Lady: 9: I Would Have Had A Good Time: Come On Down Jesus: Sometimes It's Not Enough: He's Gonna Step On You Again: Great White Lady: Higher Than God's.
  3. Tokoloshe Man "Tokoloshe Man" was a UK hit single by John Kongos, released on Fly Records. It stayed in the UK singles chart top 10 for five weeks, peaking at #4. Kongos' previous single release was "He's Gonna Step On You Again." "Tokoloshe Man" was later.
  4. Lyrics to 'Tokoloshe Man' by John Kongos. Make your bed up high / pray into the sky / close the window close the door / makes no difference if you're rich or poor. / Get on your knees scream please.
  5. The girls are tired of having sex every night with the short man and are looking for accommodation elsewhere in the village. The girls said they experience agonising pains in their punanis when they bath because of the size of the tokoloshe’s penis. “When night falls, the tokoloshe .
  6. One way to keep the Tokoloshe at bay is to put bricks beneath the legs of one’s bed. This will you put you out of reach, and hopefully out of harm’s way, of the Tokoloshe. Tokoloshes are creatures called upon by those with magical abilities (like witches) to wreak havoc and pain in a community. One of the ways the witches are able to keep.
  7. Name: Tokoloshe Category: Monsters of the Mind Card Number: 51 Front: Tokoloshe Monsters of the Mind card 51 front Back: Tokoloshe Monsters of the Mind card 51 back Trading Card.
  8. Mar 09,  · Song: Tokoloshe man Artist: John Kongos Composer: John Kongos Tabbed by: DJ 30th June CAPO: 3rd fret (Will then sound in the recorded key of .
  9. Its name is the Tokoloshe (pronounced toe-kohl-osh.) Although many African tribes call the Tokoloshe by a slightly altered name, the origins can be traced back to the Xhosa people of South Africa. But First You Must Summon The Tokoloshe. Summoning the Tokoloshe is interesting. It’s not just a seance, it’s not just a voodoo spell.

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