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  1. The senshi asked Venus is she was the princess they were looking for, and she answered that she was only there to help protect the princess. Meanwhile, Zoicite, now knowing his identity, was able to locate Mamoru and challenge him to a winner take all duel, in which Mamoru accepted.
  2. Episode Act Infinity 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 1 Subtitled. Dubbed Subtitled. Dubbed. Hotaru turns into Mistress 9 and takes Chibi-Usa’s Legendary Silver Crystal and her soul as well. To save Chibi-Usa’s life, the Sailor Guardians must head into Mugenzu so that they can retrieve her .
  3. The guardians in sailor suits return in this definitive edition of the greatest magical girl manga of all time! Features all-new cover illustrations by creator Naoko Takeuchi, a glittering holographic coating, an extra-large size, premium paper, French flaps, and a newly-revised translation!
  4. This brand-new version of Sailor Moon is completely true to original. Join us as Sailor Moon returns to the U.S. for the first time in years! This new edition of Sailor Moon features: • An entirely new, incredibly accurate translation! • Japanese-style, right-to-left reading!
  5. About SMC. We strive to bring you ALL things Sailor Moon including episode downloads, episode information, music, and much more!Why not join our community forum or come to the IRC channel and support us in our continuous efforts to bring you high quality Sailor Moon content. For more information, please visit the about SMC link.. About layout. 渾沌の天使 Konton no Tenshi presents layout.
  6. DublimeAl | Anime Kuiz 2 | Sailor Moon Crystal Shqip | Filma te Animuar ne Shqip | Filma te Dubluar ne Shqip.
  7. Shinonzaki is one of Makoto's friends. He appears in the episode "For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears". Trivia In the original English dub, his name is changed to Ken.
  8. Sailor Moon Crystal Act Infinity 9 "Infinite Labyrinth" 2. Sailor Moon Crystal Act Infinity 10 Infinite - Upper Atmosphere - Sailor Moon Crystal Act Infinity 11 Infinite - Judgement - Sailor Moon Crystal Act Infinity 12 Infinite - Journey - Available on DVD / Blu-ray.

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