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  1. Finland’s Belial released ‘The Wisdom of Darkness’ after a couple of demos, all the way back in , and what a curious specimen it is. Sharing clientele with the more well known but ultimately more clownish Impaled Nazarene, the music of Belial at this point was an altogether classier act.
  2. Part of the From The Entrails To The Dirt vinyl set The Gods Of The Pit Pt. Ii (paragon So Below) Moribund Records: Belial: Wisdom Of Darkness: So-called "lavish edition" with cd, booklet and posters. The Ruins Of Beverast: Exuvia: Ván:
  3. Belial - The gods of the Pit pt II (paragon so below) Moribound Recs Puedo asegurar que los de Finlandia hacían Death Metal unico, ejemplos, ABHORRENCE,DEMILICH, XYSMA,por mencionar algunos, este disco sin duda es un clásico de los 9O`s ignorados por muchos malos que en ese entonces le vendieron las nalgas al black metal noruego.
  4. Belial "Gods of the Pit Pt. II (Paragon So Below)" $ Bellum/Rhune "Vinland Rising" $ (BLACK METAL split, ltd to ) Benediction "Organised Chaos" $ Benighted Leams "Ferln Centesms" $ Bergraven "Dodsvisioner" $ Bestial Mockery "Slaying the .
  5. Since the initial pressing of Belial's "Gods of the Pit" demo sold out it's entire copies, Seattle's Morbund Records decided to reissue it on CD in , and titled it "Gods of the Pit Part 2 - Paragon So Below.".
  6. Belial(Finland) - Belial(Finland)/ -The Gods of the Pit, Part II (Paragon So Below) Belial(Finland) - Belial(Finland)/Belial (Fin) - - Never oserarxabugaxymaputenredea.xyzinfo Belial(Finland) - Belial(Finland)/Belial - .
  7. Jan 03,  · Belial "Gods Of The Pit Part II (Paragon So Below)" Benümb "By Means Of Upheaval" Benümb "Withering Strands Of Hope" Bestial Holocaust "Final Extermination" Bestial Mockery "Gospel Of The Insane" Big Black "The Hammer Party" Blasphemy "Gods Of War / Blood Upon The Altar" Digi Blasphemy "Gods Of War" Bloodthirst "Let Him Die".
  8. Feb 17,  · Belial – Gods Of The Pit Part II (Paragon So Below) (Moribund) 15,00 € Bloodhammer/Vomitfago - Cold Blood And Boiling Semen (Embers) 15,00 € Bloodline – A Pestilence Long Forgotten (Neodawn) 15,00 € Burzum – Feeble Screams (Not On Label) 20,00 € Carbon / Elite - Descent / Stanken Av Hyklers Blod (Agonia) 20,00 €.

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