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  1. May 26,  · I am so small But I need You too And I know that the little things are important to You You send the currents swirling, circling the seas Making the atoms dance to mystic rhapsodies You .
  2. Aug 20,  · I'll throw in my two cents on this. As to your question why the Time Devourer was much weaker when compared to Lavos, that's because when you fight TD it has not had sufficient time to evolve, so.
  3. I'm so small Do you think I matter at all? When I call your name out loud Can you hear me in the crowd? When I look up into the starry sky I think my oh my I get dizzy and weak and it makes me think I have the life span of a fly Can you see me breathing? Hear me screaming For you, for you I'm so small But if I was a movie star My youth would be sealed in a can on a reel Then I could be twelve.
  4. Okay, I've said too much. I'm quarantined and angry, sorry. level 2. 8 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago. Justin, thank you SO much for this AMA and thank you for two of the most perfect seasons of television ever created. Stay safe my friend, looking forward to watching Shogun! I'll likely explain more, the drunker I get.
  5. For you, For you I'm so small But if I was a movie star My youth would be sealed in a can on a reel Then I could be twelve feet tall That's why I wear my hair so big Some people think it might be.
  6. Jun 30,  · Today I'm bringing you somewhat of a different thread. The Great Lore Index isn't being scrapped or anything, so don't worry about that. However, this is an independent project I've been working on for a few days or so (not actually very long compared to theory threads), and it is a simple guide to Wynn's lore!
  7. Aug 18,  · So everyday, i always find myself browsing the net for that so little hope that i can find even just a small detail on what is the season 2 will offer. So thank you for this! Even though its unlikely to be like this and that i miss Zhao Liying and Lin Genxing so much being together as .
  8. Journal 3 brims with every page ever seen on the Gravity Falls show plus all-new pages with monsters and secrets, notes from Dipper and Mabel, and the Author’s full story. A page full-color jacketed hardcover version of Journal 3—plus, the book jacket doubles as an exclusive poster/5().

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