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  1. Audio CD - Physical: $ $ MP3 Album - Digital Download: $ $ Master Lease: $ $ NOTE: MP3 Albums are digital downloads. A CD will not be mailed out. - FULL DIGITAL ALBUM - Remove From Cart. Vocal Demonstration: Traditional: $ $ Add to Cart - MUSIC DOWNLOAD - Remove From Cart. High Key with Background.
  2. Nov 09,  · 1. Weezer - The Blue Album. This album is absolutely flawless. Ten perfect songs from My Name is Jonas to Only in Dreams. People always laugh at me when I say that The Blue Album is better than anything all the Era musical sacred cows have ever released, but I don't care. 2. 2Pac - All Eyez on Me - My favorite hip-hop/rap album from my favorite.
  3. Either way, Alexa somehow always chooses to make me listen to the song my ex friend-with-benefits, a woman who told me she "never wants to see me again" when we ended things, used as her alarm clock.
  4. That thinking, though, depends on scale. Sometimes, a label will conclude that your regional success doesn't preclude them from doing big things with an album nationally, for instance. There's no set formula, and in fact, there are so many factors at play rolled into .
  5. The album consists all of the finest works of Elvis, hence it’s a compilation album from all of his recordings at Sun Studios in and The album was released on March 21, , by ‎RCA Records. Musically speaking, this is the legacy of the king of rock n’ roll. 3. Little Richard – .
  6. Mar 17,  · Which Depeche Mode album are you? bewildered. 1. How would you describe yourself? Nice, composured and smart. Optimistic, bright and open-minded. Secretive, introvertic and disturbed. Cynical, pessimistic and foreseeing. Bubbly, energetic and crazy. Unique, rebellious and imaginative. Honest, sensitive and romantic.
  7. For a one-time fee of $49, CD Baby will distribute your music to all the major digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.), stock physical copies of your album (CD or vinyl) in our warehouse and handle order fulfillment/shipping to your customers, make your album available to over brick and mortar record stores worldwide.

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